The Power of the Ocean EP

by Things Change

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released November 18, 2014

Recorded with Mike Kraushaar at Bully's Studios.
Cover photo by Willie Leake.



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Things Change Vancouver, British Columbia

The origins of Things Change can be traced to Regina, Saskatchewan in 2007 when former members of the prairie hardcore band Far From Ruin started a new project. Over the next few years, the band played frequently until the lives of the members took them to different corners of Canada. In 2013, three members found themselves in Vancouver and began playing once again. ... more

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Track Name: We Sinners
And we say, “Dear God, dear God, take me, save me from this ‘decoy’ of a world.” We help one another only to obtain salvation from a kingdom in the clouds. But now I’m sitting at the side of a highway, with prairie grasses like an ocean’s waves and I have to ask: How can this world be a hoax? I get so scared sometimes of what a person just might do based on an age-old fairy tale. So quick to call us out, we ‘sinners’ who will not repent. And it’s true that I get lost sometimes, but I will never turn my eyes to the sky for answers divine. I get so scared sometimes of what a person just might do based on an age old fairy tale. So quick to call us out, we ‘sinners’ who will not repent. Our leaders they all make their rules and damn their evils to the pits of hell based on an age-old fairy tale. Close your books, use your mind as your reference. Think long and hard of how you justify oppression (based on an age-old fairy tale?). If I’m wrong, I guess I’ll burn in hell, but that’s a chance I wish to take because if you’re wrong then it’s your life that you’ve wasted. All for an afterlife spent underground just feeding the worms.
Track Name: Thinking in Absolutes
I’m starting to grow pretty fucking sick of all these ‘absolutist’ attitudes in all parts of my life. Go ahead and be a die hard, go ahead and spit in the faces of those not so committed to your cause; but I’ll not close my lines of communication, I’ll do my best to consider all conflicting ideas, if only to transform what I think into what I know. Everything I love just seems to slip away, from everyone around me thinking in absolutes. Little flexibility, one track minds will bring our end. When did this mentality find a way to infiltrate the one thing in my life I never thought it could touch? Now on this stage, we’re at a disconnect. We’re alone and sucked dry in the very same rooms where we used to fall in love night after night.
Track Name: Modern Explorers
These are the dreams that I wish I was having on a borrowed pillow far away from home on a bed of concrete or a bed of stone. I’m hearing songs through headphones that I wish I’d wrote. I’m not a poet, not a storyteller, not a singer. I just walk past wooden fences made to keep us out. We, the modern explorers, where every inch of ground has been built upon we search for sanctuary in the stillness of the highest rooftops that we could climb. We find comfort in a head nuzzled deeply into a chest. We whisper words and say that everything’s going to be alright. The summer sun still dripping off our skin, we find hope in knowing that this year the summer could be even better than the last. We spend all our time pacing the backstreets, swarming the alleyways, to raise our flags on the pebbled rooftops. And I almost feel eighteen again, as I turn to my insides, fighting this crippling loneliness to not let myself be worn down by the grind. We hear the echoes of our mothers’ voices as they call us home to no avail.